Thursday, 30. March 2017


Vincent Riewe, since 1990 our friend and drummer, succumbed to his illness on 21.03.2017. His wife and three daughters are like family to us. With them we feel deep sorrow and disbelief.
Vincent´s personality and team spirit influenced our orchestra. On stage he had all eyes on him - through his way of playing and through his radiant smile.
How we will miss him!
[Video: "In memoriam Vincent Riewe"]

Monday, 13. March 2017

Program 2018 and New YouTube Channel

After Max Raabe has sat together with a few pop-music-experts, there will be a new album with “Raabe-Pop”. On stage and on record. Concert-tickets for the tour 2018 can be purchased via our dates-page and on all channels from 17.3.2017. The release of the new album is planned for end of the year.
For our present show “Das hat mir noch gefehlt” (Oh no, not that!) a film was made of us racing each other - in soapboxes! How the race developed can be seen in our show and - starting today, 13.3.2017 - here on our own YouTube channel. Forget Formula 1 - this is pure excitement! The music was written by our saxophonist Rainer Fox.

Thursday, 16. February 2017

New Show For Three Weeks in Berlin

"Nobody presents these songs more passionatey than Max Raabe. With him, we as listeners have a license for cultured deceleration in times of absolute acceleration" states the Morgenpost refering to our new show "Das hat mir noch gefehlt" (Oh no, not that).
From February 28 to March 19 we will be playing "Das hat mir noch gefehlt" daily apart from Mondays in Berlin´s traditional 20s theater "Admiralspalast".
Further dates and links for tickets on our dates-page.

Friday, 10. February 2017

Valentin´s Day-Bonus For Berlin Concerts

As it is Valentine´s Day on Tuesday, we would like to surprise all couples. Whoever buys an even number of tickets for one of our Berlin shows (February 28 – March 19 2017) on Tuesday 14.2.2017, receives romantic 20% off. As usual, tickets can be purchased on our dates-page.

Sunday, 01. January 2017

Das hat mir noch gefehlt (Oh no, not that!)...

... is the title of our new show which we will be performing in all of Germany during 2017. Next to many surprises it also incorporates numbers that were chosen by our audience, for example "La Mer" or the Max Raabe classic „Kein Schwein ruft mich an“. Look forward to further Max Raabe songs as well as to originals from the 20s and 30s! Technical highlights will be provided for by our light designer Dirk Lehmann and the film director Daniel Lwowski with his capital ideas for moving pictures.
During the following weeks we will provide pictures and infos around "Das hat mir noch gefehlt" on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
A highlight of the first half of 2017 is certainly the three week engagement at Berlin´s Admiralspalast starting February 2017. Infos to all concerts can be found on our dates-page.