Cecilia Crisafulli (violin)

Joined the Palast Orchester in: 2007

What is a perfect moment for you?
For me a perfect moment is the silence before the applaus after a touching music piece.

How did you find to your instrument?
My father, violinist at the Theatre La Fenice in Venice, promised me a present if I took violin lessons from a nice female colleague of his. With my 8 years of age I recognized the opportunity to have him, my hero, all to myself for a longer period of time. Including the traveling there and back by vaporetto over the Venetian canals, the lesson consumed the best part of three hours! In addition my father practiced with me when he had off!

How did you find to the Palast Orchester?
I heard about the audition for the Palast Orchester during my studies at the Berlin University Of The Arts. An unbelievable day, that January 17, 2007, in which the daily 5 to 10 hours practicing payed off.

What do you particularly like about your job?
I have the absolute dream job! I travel a lot, play as solo violinist next to 12 excellent renowned musicians and with the Palast Orchester I have played in the most famous concert halls of the world. My first tour to the US brought me into New York´s Carnegie Hall! I relish playing for a big audience, hearing my name being announced by Max and then receiving my applause.

Where would you still like to perform?
Being from Venice I still have one wish open: to play with the Palast Orchester at the Theatre La Fenice in my home town. That is where everything began, where I saw La Bohème for the first time at the age of 5 and over and over again admired my favorite violinist, my father.