Bernd Frank (tenor-sax, clarinet)

Joined the Palast Orchester in: 1997

When was a perfect moment for you?
For me a perfect moment was when by chance I was in an instrument shop exactly when two old Conn-saxophones were handed in. I immediately bought both, the tenor-sax I have been playing ever since without interruption - in the mean time probably twenty years!

Do you recall perfect moments with the Palast Orchester?
I can think of a many moments. The opening of the Viennese festival with a few bars of "As Time Goes By", or the concert at Carnegie Hall. I particularly relished being able to lean my saxophone against the Chinese Wall!

How did you find to your instrument?
I started learning to play instruments at the early age of 6. First melodica, then piano, later clarinet. For my confirmation I received a saxophone, took lessons and at school founded my first big band, "The Flying Hotsocks".

Your biggest influence?
Between the ages of 15 and 18 I learned a lot at the sessions in Café News in my home town Heidenheim. During this time I played in a number of bands and wrote my first arrangements and compositions.
A very important influence on my development was the time of my studies at the University of Music in Hamburg with Herb Geller as teacher.

How did you find to the Palast Orchester?
Over a mutual friend and colleague of mine and Johannes Ernst. After first stand-ins I became member in 1997.

How do you see your job?
I enjoy thrilling the audience each evening with our music. For me the most wonderful moments are those in which the audience shows emotions, for instance when they burst into laughter or are moved to tears.