Tuesday, 16. August 2022

New Single "Der Sommer"

On Friday, 19.8., a new single by Max Raabe will be released: Der Sommer (The Summer) with corresponding music video. Where Der Sommer can be seen or heard will be published on Friday via this website and our social media channels.
Der Sommer is the first single from the new Max Raabe album Wer hat hier schlechte Laune (Who is in a bad mood, here), that will be released on October 14. More infos will follow suit, again via this website and our social media channels.

Monday, 27. June 2022

Postponement Switzerland Concerts

Regretfully the following concerts in Switzerland must be postponed for technical reasons but we are glad to have found these alternative dates:
12.09.2022 Bern, Kursaal -> 22.09.2023
13.09.2022 Zürich, Kongresshaus -> 04.03.2023
14.09.2022 Basel, Musical Theater -> 21.09.2023
All tickets remain valid. New tickets to these and all our other concerts can be safely purchased via our website.
We regret having to take these measures and apologize for any inconveniences.

Tuesday, 17. May 2022

Postponement Max Raabe Solo in Rüsselsheim and Marburg

The Max Raabe Solo concert in Rüsselsheim has to be postponed from 24.06.22 to the 28.04.23 and that in Marburg from 25.06.22 to the 27.04.23 for technical reasons.
All tickets remain valid, concert time and location stay the same.
New tickets can be purchased here:
-> Tickets Rüsselsheim 28.04.23
-> Tickets Marburg 27.04.23.
We hope you enjoy the concerts.

Thursday, 07. April 2022

Pre-Sale 2023

The pre-sale for our brand new show 2023 has begun on our dates-page!
2023 will be a special year for us: everything will be new! In our new show, our elegant violinist Cecilia Crisafulli and her freshly ironed colleagues and multi-instrumentalists will present a brand new program with many surprises. New songs by Max Raabe , in which he describes every-day situations in his own special way, will be presented together with the good old classics - well known through film and internet. Of course the emphasis will remain on the music of the 20s/30s: hand-picked original arrangements will be brought to life in all their nuances by us, Max Raabe & Palast Orchester.

Saturday, 02. April 2022

Max Raabe Sings "Herzlichen Glückwunsch" From "Ku´damm 56: Das Musical"

Max Raabe has recorded the song "Herzlichen Glückwunsch" from the musical "Ku´damm 56" by Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer. His interpretation can be heard via this Ku´damm-56-link. Enjoy!
Btw, the musical is being played until end of September at Berlin´s Theater des Westens.

Monday, 14. March 2022

Solidarity Concert for Ukraine

On Tuesday, 15.3.22, the DSO Berlin is presenting a concert in solidarity with Ukraine at Berlin Philharmonic. Together with violinist Lisa Batiashvili, pianist Kirill Gerstein, oboist François Leleux, tenor Rolando Villazon, the Rundfunkchor, Max Raabe and Ian Wekwerth, under the direction of Alan Gilbert, a loud and clear mark for peace and freedom will be set. 100% of the proceeds go to ›Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft‹ and ›Aktion Deutschland Hilft‹.
Donations can be transferred directly on the joint donation-account of ›Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft‹ and ›Aktion Deutschland Hilft‹:
Recipient: BEH and ADH
IBAN: DE53 200 400 600 200 400 600
Bank: Commerzbank
Keyword: DSO/Nothilfe Ukraine
➔ spendenkonto-nothilfe.de
More info on the website of DSO.

Thursday, 10. March 2022

Concert Postponements Aachen and Gießen

The following concerts must be postponed:
19.03.2022 Aachen -> 16.10.22
24.04.2022 Gießen -> 14.12.22
All tickets remain valid.
We deeply regret these measures.
Stay safe🍀🍀🍀.

Saturday, 05. March 2022

Max Raabe in Podcast Toast Hawaii

Max Raabe is interviewed in the German food-podcast "Toast Hawaii" by fabulous Bettina Rust.

Friday, 25. February 2022

Concert Postponements 21.-23.3.22

The following concerts must be postponed:
21.3.22 Schwäbisch Gmünd -> 29.3.23
22.3.22 Ravensburg -> 31.3.23
23.3.22 Memmingen -> 30.3.23
The tickets remain valid.
We deeply regret these measures.
Stay safe🍀🍀🍀..

Wednesday, 16. February 2022

Max Raabe Solo - Concert Update

We are relieved that the Max Raabe Solo concerts in Neuruppin (10.3.22) and Düsseldorf (12.3.22) will take place as planned.
The concerts in Hannover (12.3.22) and Wiesbaden (14.3.22) need to be postponed. The new dates are:
Hannover -> 30.04.2023
Wiesbaden -> 29.04.2023.
All tickets remain valid.
The concert in Paderborn on 13.3.22 must sadly be cancelled.
Bleiben Sie gesund🍀🍀🍀

Monday, 14. February 2022

MR&PO At Berlin´s Admiralspalast 15.2. - 27.2.22

Between Feb 15 - 27, 2022, we are presenting our show "Guten Tag, liebes Glück" at Berlin´s Admiralspalast . Concerts are Tuesdays - Saturdays 8pm, Sundays 6pm.
-> Tickets Admiralspalast
-> The rulings regarding Corona can be found on the Admiralspalast site.

Tuesday, 01. February 2022

MTV Photoalbum Online

We have a new photoalbum in our gallery with wonderful images taken during the filming of our "Max Raabe & Palast Orchester MTV Unplugged"-DVD/CD.

Thursday, 13. January 2022

Concertpostponements Second Half of January

We regret that due to the pandemic situation, following concerts must be postponed. All tickets remain valid.
21.01.22 Göttingen -> 18.12.22
23.01.22 Bielefeld -> 06.12.22
26.01.22 Düsseldorf -> 17.10.22
27.01.22 Wuppertal -> 18.10.22
28.01.22 Duisburg -> 17.11.22
29.01.22 Duisburg -> 18.11.22
30.01.22 Stade -> 20.06.22
31.01.22 Lübeck -> 19.06.22
The concert in Olsberg on 22.1.22 is cancelled. Please refer to the place of purchase to refund the tickets.
We greatly regret these measures. Stay healthy.

Thursday, 13. January 2022

Max Raabe & Palast Orchester YouTube Channel

Do you know our YouTube channel? In these concertless times you can stay safely at home and listen and watch concert recordings, interviews and documentations. Have fun discovering our Max Raabe & Palast Orchester YouTube channel!