Saturday, 09. September 2023

Live Concert Video of "Mir ist so nach dir"

On September 29 our new album "Mir ist so nach dir - Klassiker der 20er und 30er" is due for release, with many songs from our current concert programme. The first single "Mir ist so nach dir" can now be seen on YouTube and heard on all streaming channels.
-> To pre-order the album please click here: Mir ist so nach dir

Monday, 21. August 2023

Max Richard Leßmann and Max Raabe have a chat

For the digital musik magazin Diffus Max Raabe and singer, podcaster and poet Max Richard Leßmann met for an interesting chat. To be seen and heard here on YouTube.

Friday, 11. August 2023

"Mir ist so nach dir"

On September 29 2023 our new album "Mir ist so nach dir" will be released - exclusively with original arrangements from the 20s/30s and featuring a selection from our current show "Wer hat hier schlechte Laune".
The album can be pre-ordered here. The first single, "Mir ist so nach dir" by Mischa Spoliansky and Marcellus Schiffer, can be enjoyed on all streaming platforms and even on YouTube.

Saturday, 24. June 2023

"Fahrrad fahrn" in Bielefeld

"Fahrrad fahrn" by Max Raabe and Achim Hagemann has been used for a wonderful video by the city of Bielfeld. In it, Bielefeld cyclists ride through the town singing the song - each of them with a very personal interpretation. The video is part of the initiative "Bielefeld fährt Rad", aimed at getting more citizens to use the bike and to create more offers and possibilities.

Friday, 09. June 2023


Karim Dabbèche puts forms and figures in motion for music videos. Take a look on YouTube how he has connected music and images for the song "Strom" by Max Raabe und Achim Hagemann. Enjoy!

Friday, 09. June 2023

Remix "Es wird wieder gut"

Hardly anyone stands for electronic music from Berlin as much as Dirty Doering. With his sets and tracks like 'Cape of Good Hope' or 'If I Could I Would' he carries the spirit of the Spree river out into the big, wide world of techno. Now Dirty Doering has created a groovy remix of Max Raabe´s "Es wird wieder gut" - to be heard on all streaming channels and YouTube.

Wednesday, 29. March 2023

New Music-Video "Es wird wieder gut"

The song "Es wird wieder gut" by Max Raabe and Achim Hagemann gives hope in trying times. Now there is a video "Es wird wieder gut" by cartoonist Alexander Gellner, turning it into a lovely and unusual animated story.

Thursday, 02. March 2023

New Concert Dates 2024

New concert dates for 2024 are now on sale for 2024 via our dates page.

Wednesday, 15. February 2023

Berlin Concerts: 2023 Sold Out, 2024 Now On Sale

All Berlin concerts of our show "Wer hat hier schlechte Laune" are sold out this year. For February 2024 further twelve concerts are now on sale at the Admiralspalast-Theatre. Between 13.2.24 and 25.2.24 we will be performing Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 6pm.
Safe ticketlinks are to found on our concerts-page.

Sunday, 29. January 2023

"We are really an elderly students band"

Max Raabe was guest in the podcast "Friede, Freu(n)de, Eierkuchen" by Sissy Methschke.
-> Podcast
-> Album "Wer hat hier schlechte Laune"

Friday, 27. January 2023

Max Raabe In Barbara Schöneberger´s Podcast

Barbara Schöneberger asked Max Raabe to be her guest for the 100th edition of her podcast "Mit den Waffeln einer Frau". He talks about punctuality, chickens and how Herbert Grönemeyer moved him to tears. Max also gives tips for the best way to whistle.
--> The podcast is available on all streaming platforms and on Barbaradio.

Sunday, 01. January 2023

"Wer hat hier schlechte Laune" On Tour

Our very best wishes for 2023!
For us the new year starts with a brand new show: "Wer hat hier schlechte Laune". Max Raabe has written wonderful announcements, our partners from Katapult Filmproduktion have produced devine videos and our lighting magicians Dirk Lehmann and Johann Börner will bring our music to colourful life with modern lighting technology.
We are back on the road as from January 19. We would love to know what you think of the show so please let us know via our social media.
-> Dates, tickets and Info via our dates-page.